What do you want to say?

If you have already identified the target audience of your site, now the time has come to define what you're trying to tell your audience. What "message" you are trying to convey?

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Take a paper and go to the park (best in good weather), somewhere privacy and think ...
The idea is to do so without a computer. Nothing you will not be distracted: no keyboard, no Internet or e-mail. Nothing. Why not? As this task has nothing to do with computers or the Internet. It would be easier to think when the phone disconnected.
It is better to start with common terms. For example, say, I decided to make a website on domestic dogs, and my audience - the owners of dogs. Well, what I try to tell these owners of dogs?
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For example information for the dog, dogs playing with children. I can place on the site shop accessories for dogs. The idea here is to give people a bit of information that makes the site valuable for them. This is important regardless of whether a commercial site - you have to give people information, or they will not stay on your site, they will not return, and they would not recommend your site.
You can think about how you are going to teach information. Think of the schedule, sound and other multimedia. For example, a site for dogs, I could place the figure breeds of dogs and their favorite food. I can also post videos for visual presentation. Remember, at this stage you do not create a website, you define the borders of your site.
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